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Maritime consulting

Ketrin Ltd. is an international marine and engineering consultancy company. We advise and support shipping and offshore energy industries. Our consulting team consists of highly qualified Superintendents, Masters and Chief Engineers with vast experience in any types of vessel including LNG, tanker, bulk and all type of dry cargo. We concentrate on all aspects of marine transportation and marine construction providing maritime consultancy, training, documentation and third party inspections. We build trusted relationships with our clients.

We are offering various activities such as:

  • – Consultancy in all shipping industry maters
  • – Consultancy in design, planning, shipbuilding, repairing and modification,
  • – Dry-docking superintendence
  • – Yard repairs and modification assistance and survey
  • – Vessel pre-selling and pre-buying survey
  • – Vessel condition survey
  • – Sale pre-purchase and purchase surveys and inspections
  • – Energy efficiency consultancy
  • – Vetting pre- inspections (pre-vetting inspections) and vetting ship inspections
  • – Preparing and implementing of on board safety and security procedures
  • – Officers and stuff training
  • – Crew on board training in energy efficiency, safety and security maters
  • – Attendance of cargo loading or discharging operation
  • – Inspection of cargo condition survey and container inspections
  • – Preparation of Port Information, Terminal Regulations and Procedures Manual for Terminals
  • – On and Off Hire Survey
  • – Bunker and draught survey
  • – Cargo stowage and securing inspection
  • – Cargo damage inspection
  • – Hull and Machinery Damage Inspection
  • – Non Exclusive Survey
  • – Cargo Hatch cover weathertightness
  • – Cargo Holds Cleanliness Survey
  • – Tank Cleanliness Survey
  • – Port Captains
  • – Tally