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Open vacancy for electrician/ETO on motor yacht

Job Description:

The Electrician takes responsibility for day-to-day maintenance of all electronic, computer, audio/visual and communications equipment and ensures their efficient operation. These systems are: Radio, Radar, VoIP telephones, Satellite communications and entertainment including Internet and TV and other communication and navigation systems, personal computers, tablets, network equipment,  IPTV system, TV and DVD systems, Wi-Fi and sound systems, and electronic control systems linked to the yacht. The Electrician is also responsible to ensure that all planned maintenance work is carried out on those systems and to co-ordinate the related works with the shore-based personnel.

Required Skills and Experience:

An ETO or Electrician who has experience on board a yacht and has proven skills in IP networking, automation and electronics. Understanding of IP network topologies, cabling and troubleshooting is required, as well as skills in first level IT support. Experience in CISCO networking equipment or any TCP/IP network related certification will be considered a plus. The candidate may be a computer technician/engineer, radio/radar specialist or marine electrician working in shore-side employment. Experience with Lutron and Crestron equipment will be a plus. Some level of experience with systems, similar to those on board, is also required. Seaman’s book is required, or willingness to issue one.

If you are interested and qualified please send us your CV and references to